Facial Massage

A variety of advanced treatments for different skin types and conditions have amazing skin-improving benefits, however, the touch of the hands provides a unique experience with a bonus set of wonderful advantages.

Facial massage has recently become very popular and not without good reason – this technique is relaxing, firming, detoxifying and has great anti-aging benefits too. The techniques of facial massage favoured in Europe have origins in traditional Eastern medicine, with massage therapy being used for healing and improvement of the appearance across Asia since ancient times.

While massage has been used for centuries in a great many cultures, the types of massage used as part of a skincare treatment or routine have specific purposes and are different from those used on other areas of the body such as the back.

One of the biggest benefits of facial massage is that it can smooth the skin and reduce puffiness. This is done through the increase in circulation which improves the levels of oxygen in the skin. Similarly, facial massage helps to detoxify the skin as it stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins which have built up in the area. Incorporating massage into a regular routine can also have anti-aging benefits as it can tighten and strengthen the muscles by increasing muscle tone, while some varieties of massage have the power to stimulate collagen which improves the look of the skin on the surface level.

In addition, facial massage can be a wonderful form of stress relief as massage can be deeply relaxing as it relieves tension from tight facial muscles. Different types of facial massage have individual benefits but their aim is the same – to smooth, tighten and allow products to penetrate more deeply into the layers of the skin. While beauty therapists and aestheticians are trained in facial massage and use particular techniques as part of facial treatments, this is also something that clients are encouraged to perform at home. In fact, it’s recommended to perform 8 – 10 minutes of facial massage daily, either morning or evening depending on your skin, for the smoothest, most youthful complexion.

For a stimulating massage, you’ll need a few drops of your favourite face oil or serum and a few minutes to yourself. Gentle, upward gliding movements are used to smooth the fingertips over the skin, so that enough pressure can be applied to invigorate the skin, but not so much that it pulls or stretches the area. By moving in small, gentle circles you can start at the jaw and work slowly upwards to the temple and forehead. Next, long stroking movements can be used up the neck and from the nose to the hairline. A smoothing motion is used on the forehead, working upwards and outwards across the eyebrows in order to lift the skin and relieve tension in the forehead muscles. These simple steps can be repeated several times for a brilliantly relaxing experience that provides real results over time. While up to 10 minutes of massage a day is recommended, just two minutes at the end of your skincare routine in the morning or evening is all that’s needed for taught and youthful skin.