A few tips on how to prepare yourself for the summer sun

Actionable tasks that will help improve your skin – inside and out.

Clay mask

Clay is the perfect antidote as we move in to springtime. A strong, natural substance it draws out any impurities from your skin and can help reduce the appearance of oiliness and blackheads. It is particularly useful for those sufferers of acne and can even make a rather humorous Instagram photo.

Dry Body Brush

A dry body brush is a brush with soft natural fibres that can be used all over you skin. (Make sure the brush has natural rather than nylon or synthetic bristles as these can be too sharp and may damage the skin). Whilst the first time the process may feel a little strange, this is a fantastic exercise that will help improve the circulation in your body. This will have immensely powerful effects such as reducing cellulite, draining toxins and increasing the function of your lymphatic system. Dry brushing can be done a couple of times a week and should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Making small changes to your diet can make a big difference and most importantly eating well isn’t just about weight, but also taking better care of yourself.



Citrus fruits are a massively underrated food product. They are packed full of nutrients, including the wonderful Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is proven:

  • As an antioxidant which protects the skin cells from free-radical damage
  • To stimulate the production of collagen which gives skin its firmness and strength

– To strengthen the body’s immune system

Not only that, but citrus has been scientifically proven to carry a host of other health benefits including lowering the risk of stroke, helping to prevent cancer, improving eyesight and reducing stress.


Fibre may not have the appeal of chocolate or provide the comfort of a big fat tub of Ben & Jerry’s. However, ensuring there is enough fibre in your diet has a whole host of health benefits that can help improve your health and wellness.

Fibre can help:

  • Control your blood sugar level
  • Increase your heart health
  • Improve your bowel health (and movements)


And if the sound of eating prunes and bran flakes doesn’t really appeal there are plenty of other food groups that offer a tasty fibre supplement. Avocado, broccoli and lentils all contain high levels of fibre and can be made into a delicious lunchtime salad.