Rejuvenating skin tightening Facial

Tired, dull or dehydrated skin? Fine lines and wrinkles?

This treatment does wonders; it combines Radiofrequency and an advanced deeply nourishing and revitilising mask to tighten and lifting the skin while supplying it with essential hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides and antioxidants.

This advanced rejuvenating treatment starts with Radiofrequency, which warms and tightens the skin and is followed by the mask which delivers essential nutrients directly to the skin cells.

This technique facilitates the delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins directly to the targeted area. A single treatment can visibly boost your look and re-hydrate the skin.  A course of 3 treatments can be purchased at a reduced price to keep your skin glowing for longer.

Our age defence facial is just one of our many treatments that you may benefit from.  We have treatments that use advanced technologies such as our HydraFacial Treatment MD treatment and Exilis Elite Treatment

You are unique and may have different needs to others so making an appointment to speak with our experts is a good start towards a treatment course that is perfectly suited to your skin tone and complexion.  Our clinic is in Fulham and offers the most advanced treatments in London.  We are always adding more treatments and investing in new technologies to provide our loyal customers with the newest and best skin treatments that the industry has to offer.  Please feel free to browse our website and contact us via our website or Facebook Page where you can be updated on special offers