Lycon Waxing in Fulham

A luxury waxing system using only natural ingredients

Lycon wax is a luxury wax which delivers superior performance leaving your skin smooth, silky and hair free. Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon makes your waxing treatment easier and more comfortable.

Lip or Chin £10

Eyebrow tidy up £10

Sides of the face £20

Jawline £20

Full Face £35

Neck £15

Lip & Chin  £15

Lip & Jawline £30

Underarms £18

Half arm £25

Full arm £30

Half arm & underarms £40

Full arms & underarms £45

Standard Bikini Line or High Bikini £25

Brazilian or Hollywood Bikini £45

Full Legs £40

Half leg £25

Half Leg & Standard Bikini or High Bikini £45

Half Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood £65

Half Leg & Standard Bikini or High Bikini & underarms £60

Half Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood& underarms £75

Full Leg & Standard Bikini or High Bikini £60

Full Leg & Standard Bikini or High Bikini & underarms £75

Full Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood £80

Full legs & Brazilian/Hollywood& underarms £90

Male Waxing

Neck £15

Shoulders £25

Chest £25

Stomach £25

Half Arm £25

Full Arm £40

Lower or Upper Back £30

Upper Back & Neck £35

Stomach & Chest £50

Full Back £50

Full Back & Neck £55

Back & Shoulders £55

Back & Neck & Shoulders £60

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