Five Simple Steps for Spotless Skin

Winter, spring, summer or fall – a change in weather finds a new way for your skin to break out, crack or to produce an unattractive, oily sheen. Whether it’s the sweat or the cold just going outdoors can find us staring blankly at the mirror as we try to work out what makeup will cover up our skin without worsening the problem. However, often keeping to five basic steps, which we down to a quick five minutes can help protect and enhance your skin year round.

  1. Cleanse

This is the essential, the one that should form the base of your skin care routine. Now I know how tempting it is after a long day to collapse into bed without removing your makeup. And once you are wrapped up, the idea of leaving your bed just seems so….well unappealing. However, at the risk of losing friends and alienating people leaving makeup on is really quite bad. It will prevent your skin from breathing, weaken your lashes and breed bacteria. Clogging your pores, causing a build-up and eventually provoking break outs, removing your makeup will encourage far healthier skin.

  1. Tone

Whilst cleansing is extremely important, this process washes the oils off your skin. These naturally occurring elements help make up your skin’s natural barrier against bacteria. This combined with the water you use to wash your face will leave your skin exposed. Toner restores your skin’s natural PH – and rehydrates your skin. Helping to give balance and priming your skin for moisturiser.

  1. Moisturise

Moisturising your face will not only benefit you now, but help to safeguard your face in the future. Moisturiser helps boost the water content in your skin and keeping it hydrated, normalises cells turnover   and smoothes your skin. And I know those with oily skin often think this aggravates the problem, adding more lubricant to an already shiny face. However, oily skin is simply an alternative reaction to dryness and moisturiser will certainly help improve your skin. It is, of course, important you choose the right moisturiser, do some research and find a suitable cream to match your skin tone and type.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliators or scrubs fit in more with the ‘everything in moderation’ model we really try to keep even when faced with a grab bag of Maltesers after a busy week. However, exfoliating your face a couple of times a week can help remove the dead skin cells off your face, allowing the newer, healthier skin to shine through as well as encouraging your skin to rejuvenate. It can also improve blood circulation leading to firmer and healthier looking skin.

  1. Eye cream

A genuinely legitimate question surrounding eye cream is the frustration over buying yet another beauty product for such a small part of your face. It doesn’t really seem necessary. However, the skin under your eyes is different from the rest of your face – it is thinner and shows aging far earlier. It is also an area that is exercised a disproportionate amount – laughter, tears and everything in between see the skin stretched and shaped. Investing in an eye cream will not only help protect this delicate area, but fight off the signs of aging.