How to Ensure Your Skin Looks Radiant in Winter

Winter can be a wonderful time of year with frost glistening on the leaves and long, dark evenings creating the perfect excuse to cosy up inside. However, cold weather outside and central heating or air conditioning in the office can easily steal moisture from the skin, causing dryness and dehydration which can lead to sore skin and a dull complexion.

Even those with combination and oily skin notice how dehydrated it can become in winter, with tightness or flakiness becoming a problem that isn’t as present at other times of the year. When the skin’s moisture is lost, the natural barrier function can become compromised, leaving it looking red and feeling itchy or flaky, no matter whether it’s normally dry or oily. To help combat the unhelpful effects of winter weather, you can use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser when washing the skin, to ensure it’s soothed rather than irritated. If you have very dry skin, we recommend using a cleanser with calming ingredients such as aloe, rose or chamomile extract which can help to reduce irritation.

Adding moisture to the skin is more important in the winter than at any other time of year, so it’s crucial to remember this vital step of your skincare routine in both the morning and evening. A serum or moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid will be most beneficial as this ingredients acts as a humectant which helps to retain moisture within the skin.

If you have a combination or oily skin type, moisture is still incredibly important. A non-comedogenic moisturiser is the best choice as this will have a light texture and won’t leave a film on the skin or clog pores. After gentle exfoliation, which will help to remove a build up of dead skin cells to leave the skin looking smooth and fresh, apply a light moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid to make sure no moisture is lost.

If your skin feels particularly tight and dry, a hydrating face mask can be soothing, helping you to feel more comfortable and enabling your skin to look its most radiant. We recommend Dr Sebagh Rose de Vie mask, which is deeply moisurising and regenerating to help leave your skin beautifully glowing.

A good skincare routine will make a huge difference to your skin at this time of year, but it’s important to treat and support the skin from the inside too. Make sure to drink plenty of water which will ensure your body is well hydrated and do wonders for your skin. Eating a vitamin-rich diet can also be very beneficial for the skin, but it’s omega-3 that can reduce inflammation and revitalise the skin to help it look radiant and well as keep it healthy.

For an extra boost, professional facial treatments are the best way to condition the skin and ensure it looks beautiful, despite the chill in the air. Elenique Aesthetics offers hydrating facials such as Intraceuticals or Oxygen facials which moisturise and soothe to provide a treat for the skin and create a lovely instant glow. With a little extra care, it’s easy to ensure that your skin remains smooth and bright all year round.