Intraceuticals & Oxygen Facial London

An exceptional hydration with an effective delivery system.
This is a non-invasive treatment that combines hyaluronic layering and the delivery of botanical skin boosters to rehydrate, revitalize, brighten and smooth, whilst oxygen invigorates your skin.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Treatment benefits

  • Rehydrates
  • Brightens
  • Calms
  • Balances
  • Smooths


Intraceuticals is a revolutionary system. It uses Hyaluronic Acid, an exceptional hydrator, which, combined with an effective delivery system (involving Hyperbaric Oxygen to promote osmotic hydration and the delivery of advanced Intraceutical boosters) helps the skin to revive, replenish and protect.
The process involves gliding the applicator slowly over the skin surface, following a specific pattern that provides a relaxing and comfortable experience.

The Intraceutical brand includes the following treatments:

1. ‘Intraceutical Rejuvenate’ treatment – Instant hydration and radiance

A boosting skin treatment with Hyaluronic and the essential vitamins A, C, and E, along with traditional botanical antioxidants and calming Green Tea which provides the ultimate hydration that plumps, lifts and tightens the skin.

2. ‘Intraceuticals Opulence’ treatment- brightens and lightens

A combination of peptides and botanicals such as Carrot Polypeptide, Nanopeptide 1, Zingibar root extract, Rumex extract and concentrated vitamin C is delivered to the skin layers to give a brightening and lightening effect, enhancing skin radiance and vitality. This treatment uses antioxidants that target lines and wrinkles to dramatically improve their appearance.

3. ‘Intraceuticals Clarity’ treatment – calms and balances

This treatment uses Salicylic Acid in combination with antioxidants, ginger root extract and copper peptide. The lightweight, oil free ingredients with calming properties will help balance blemish-affected skin.

4. ‘Intraceuticals Atoxelene’ treatment – reduces lines and wrinkles

This treatment uses antioxidants and botanical peptides in addition to Argireline. to target lines and wrinkles and markedly improve their appearance. The low molecular weight carrier system draws moisture and carries the ingredients to the skin. The treatment helps balance hydration levels, comforts redness, and revitalise the skin with moisture. It provides a tightening effect on the skin, masking the visible signs of the ageing. The Atoxelene range may also be used in conjunction with Rejuvenate and Opulence products.

Additional professional boosters which can be added to the treatment include :

  • Collagen
  • Antioxidant
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A

The Intraceuticals & Oxygen facial is ideal before special occasions and individuals with a sensitive skin type and could be exactly what you need,  but please feel free to contact us


From £160 Single Facial Treatment

Single facial treatment £160
Course of 6 £850
Single facial treatment+ neck £200
Course of 6 £1100
Single facial treatment + neck and decollete £250
Course of 6 £1350

We provide skin treatments using advanced aesthetic devices and advanced cosmeceutical skin care products.
Please let us know about any allergies or other medical histories. We will not be able to proceed with some treatments if you are pregnant, breast feeding or taking some types of antibiotics or prescriptive drugs, including prescriptive topical creams. Your treatment may be restricted if you have used Retinol or other skin care products containing AHA or BHA within the previous 7 days. 
If you have any questions, please call us on : 020 36374 549 and one of our aestheticians will be able to advise you further.