MandeliClear Peel

This advanced peel was designed specifically to improve pigmentation issues. It contains lactic, salicylic and resorcinol acids, along with mandelic acid, which is derived from almonds and wild cherries.

It penetrates deeply into the skin layers, reducing tyrosinase activities, which leads to a decrease in the activity of melanocytes resulting in a lightening of pigmentation.

This peel is safe, gentle, and well-tolerated by most skin types.
It’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties gently exfoliate and it’s great for lightening pigmentation caused by acne and sun damage.
Please note that it is well tolerated by Fitzpatrick skin types I, II, III, however, Fitzpatrick skin types IV and V require pre-treatment.

Treatment benefits

  • Lightens pigmentation caused by acne and sun damage.

MandeliClear Peel at Elenique

A full consultation will be provided before the treatment to identify your skin needs and suitability to this skin peel.
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£120 Single Treatment

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