Massage Therapy Fulham

Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years as a natural manual healing therapy. By applying pressure and gliding the hands over the skin, a massage therapist can manually relax muscles and ease tension, leaving you feeling wonderfully calm and revitalised.

At Elenique, our Swedish massage in Fulham is designed to help you unwind and decompress after a busy day. Swedish body massage has numerous benefits: it can help release tension, lower stress levels, improve sleep and reduce anxiety. This type of therapy can also improve circulation, detoxify and aid lymphatic drainage, offering a pampering and soothing experience for both mind and body.

Choose from a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage which lasts 30 minutes, or a full body massage which lasts 60 minutes. Your therapist will offer a consultation before your treatment to create a tailored experience by using your desired pressure and focussing on specific areas, according to your preferences.

To book your Swedish massage London or find out more about massage therapy, please get in touch.

Full body 60 min £120

Back&neck & shoulders 30min £65