PRP, sometimes referred to as the Vampire or Dracula facial is a method of using your own natural growth factors for facial rejuvenation and collagen production.  Platelets are tiny microscopic components of blood that contain natural growth factors the body uses when healing.  In PRP, a small amount of your blood is taken and spun in a machine which separates the platelets from the rest of the blood.  This platelet-rich solution is re-injected into any area of the body that could do with a boost.  When PRP is used for facial rejuvenation, your doctor will inject this in key areas and at different depths to deliver the natural growth factors right where they are needed.  It works especially well around the delicate skin of the eyes and will also provide an all-round natural glow with firming of the skin and improving fine lines; think of it as having a light-bulb held inside your mouth!

The science behind PRP can work on any part of the body and has been demonstrated to improve healing in musculoskeletal injuries, following heart surgery, rebuilding bone prior to orthodontic work, softening old scars and much more.  Your doctor will help you decide which parts of the face and body would benefit from PRP.

Whilst many practices may offer PRP with a wide variation in price, at Elenique Skin Clinic we use a purpose-built centrifuge and kit designed to maximise platelet yield and volume without injuring the delicate platelets in the process.


Downtime: 24 hours, with a moderate chance of bruising beneath the eye that will resolve within one week

Duration: 6 – 9 months

Price: £550

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