The Most Effective Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Each of us has a different skin type with different characteristics and this is linked to our genetics – some of us may have dry skin, while others have oily or combination skin types. The telltale characteristics of oily skin are that it’s often very shiny, has enlarged pores and is unfortunately prone to blackheads and spots.

Oily skin produces too much sebum, which is a natural oil that the body uses as a lubricant, due to overactive sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands create sebum and regulate the amount delivered to the skin, but in oily skin, the glands work too hard and don’t properly regulate the production of this oil.

Unfortunately, this type of skin can be difficult to control, but thankfully by using an effective skincare routine in combination with the right professional treatments, oil and blemishes can be kept at bay.

In order to properly maintain oily skin, it’s important to cleanse twice a day. The cleanser that you use should clean the skin effectively without stripping away too much oil, as this can lead to the further overproduction of sebum. One of the ingredients to look out for in a cleanser is BHA, better known as salicylic acid, as this can help to clear the pores. BHA is oil soluble, which means that it can penetrate through the oil to clear pore-clogging impurities, which can lead to future blackheads and spots.

Exfoliation is important for oily skin types as it removes dead skin cells that can cause congestion and it helps to reveal clearer, brighter skin. Be sure to avoid gritty and harsh products, instead, opt for an exfoliating mask or gentle peel containing salicylic or glycolic acid – both are available at Elenique. These will remove the build up of oil and debris that can become trapped below the surface of the skin and will therefore help to prevent spots.

You might think that you can skip moisturising if you have oily skin, but this isn’t so! Your skin still needs to be moisturised in order to be healthy, but your choice of product can make a big difference. An oil free or light weight moisturiser which is marked as ‘non-comedogenic’ will be the most beneficial for the skin as it will offer moisture without creating congested pores. A serum containing hyaluronic acid is also ideal for making sure that oily skin doesn’t become dehydrated and this is especially helpful when applied in the evening after cleansing.

It may not form part of your skincare routine, but thinking about what type of foundation to use on oily skin can make a big difference to the health and appearance of the skin. If possible, try to use mineral make-up, which provides a breathable coverage that doesn’t clog pores.

Oily skin may seem difficult to deal with, but the right skincare routine can make a lasting difference and there are actually some benefits to having this skin type. In particular, oily skin is thicker which means that it’s more resilient and often less sensitive. However, the best benefit is that oily skin tends to age slowly, so your skin will continue to look youthful as the years go by![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]