The Secrets to Relief from Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that affects many of us at some point in our lives and it can leave us feeling self conscious about particular areas of our bodies. Cellulite, or orange peel skin, as it’s sometimes known, is a condition in which the skin has a dimpled, lumpy appearance due to areas of underlying fat. The condition is common in both men and women, but it’s much more common in women, often appearing on the thighs, bottom or tops of the arms. Many of the factors that contribute to cellulite such as hormones and genetics are out of our control, but when it comes to diet and lifestyle, the choices we make can be a big help in improving the appearance of our skin.

To rid the body of cellulite, there are two main areas that we need to address: fat and circulation. Keeping within a healthy weight range is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to the fight against cellulite and our diet plays a key role in this. A diet high in fruits, vegetables and fibre, which is also low in sugar is key for weight loss. In addition, exercise such as running or walking is a fantastic way to help reduce fat levels and improve overall fitness. Building up the strength of the muscles through exercise creates a more toned and svelte appearance, just what’s needed to reduce the look of cellulite.

Keeping the body hydrated by drinking lots of water is a great way to flush out excess fluid and help skin stay toned and supple. Another useful way to drain excess fluid is vigorous massage, which is not only wonderful for aches and pains, but also stimulates the circulation and helps to decrease the amount of dimpled skin. In a similar way, using a dry brush on areas of cellulite can also improve circulation, with this method of exfoliation also revealing new, fresh skin which can reduce the orange peel appearance.

Topical anti-cellulite products can also be very useful in assisting with the problem – creams containing caffeine will hydrate and tighten by reducing the amount of fat under the skin. This can smooth the appearance of lumps and bumps and improve the condition of the skin. Horse chestnut extract is another beneficial ingredient which works to reduce inflammation and fluid build-up which can contribute to cellulite for a smoother, more toned look.

There are many things we can try at home, but a professional anti-cellulite treatment can be a powerful tool when it comes to treating this condition. Advanced devices such as the Exilis Elite work to tighten and contour by warming the skin and melting fat pockets. The device can also stimulate the production of collagen to tone the area and create a firmer appearance. One of the best advantages of professional treatments like Exilis Elite is that the results are immediate and long lasting, so a course of treatment will provide permanent improvements to the look and feel of dimpled skin.

Diet and exercise is your first port of call in the fight against orange peel skin, but professional anti-cellulite treatments can be a brilliant way of obtaining long term firmness and relief from the bumpy appearance of cellulite.

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